Recurring allocations

If you have a responsibility that you want to reserve time for at regular intervals you might want to check out recurring allocations.

Recurring allocations allow you to specify how often and on which days an allocation should reoccur.

To administer recurring allocations, select "Recurring" in the left navigation column.

Create a recurring allocation

Click creen plus-icon and complete the form fields.

A recurring allocation can be associated with one of the following information types:

  • Responsibility
  • Checklist
  • Project
  • Task

If you are selecting a daily frequency, uncheck the weekdays on which you do not want allocations to be created (like the weekend). If you are selecting any other frequency, keep all weekdays checked.

Make sure that the first date of the allocation occurs on one of the selected weekdays.

When you click Save, allocations are automatically created for the next 30 days (or until the last date) based on your selected criteria. Moving forward, an automatic process will create new allocations for the next 30 day period each night.

Edit a recurring allocation

To edit a recurring allocation, click the red arrow pointing at "Recurring".

When you save your changes the existing allocations created from the recurring allocations are deleted and new ones are created based on the new set of reoccurence criteria.

Delete a recurring allocation

To delete a recurring allocation, click the three dots in the up-right corner of the allocation card and select Delete.

When you delete a recurring allocation all associated allocations which have not been completed yet are deleted.

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