Key results

By adding key results you make it more clear how the team plans to measure the achievement of the objective.

Each key result has a current and target performance expectation, making it clear and measurable to which extent objectives are met.

The OKR methodology comes with the following recommendations for key results:

  • Create 3 - 5 key results pr objective, preferably balancing each other to ensure that when one indicator improves, another one doesn't worsen.
  • Key result targets are meant to be ambitious and force the team to re-evaluate how they work, not just shift gears. Targets are considered ideal when the average fulfillment is 60 - 70%.

Tracking progress on key results

The platform suports tracking progress on key results, so that we can more easily follow how close we are to achieving the result.

Progress is typically reported by the person responsible for the objective, making it easily available to all other objective stakeholders.

To track progress on a key result, click the key result and then click the green plus-icon in relation to the Progress-header. Progress is indicated by a percentage of the target for the key result (aka fulfillment).


When viewing an objective, the list of key results includes a progress bar of the most recent progress indication.

Skjermbilde 2022-04-09 kl. 09.10.30.png

Sorting key results

Key results can be manually sorted in the order you would like. This can be useful if the nature of the objective makes is natural to tackle one key result at a time, in a specific order.

Click and drag the hamburger-icon on the rigth-hand side of a key result in order to give it its preferred priority.

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