Organizational objectives

The Organizational objectives overview allows us to:

  • Get an overview of the objectives the organization is currently focused on, and how they tie together
  • Single out objective orphans (objectives not designed to impact strategic, higher-level objectives)
  • Allow for a team to better understand how their specific objectives fit into the objectives for the entire organization

The report displays all objectives across all teams that are either in the planning or focusing stage.

The report takes Related objectives into account, indenting objectives that impact eachother under eachother. The top level objectives (after taking related objectives into account) are grouped by team.

Skjermbilde 2022-04-10 kl. 08.08.10.png

The right column includes a team-navigation displaying which teams own how many objectives in the current view. By clicking on the team name, the objectives owned by that particular team light up.

Skjermbilde 2022-04-10 kl. 08.08.19.png

Ensuring proper objective relations

Ideally, every active team objective is tied to a more high-level objective on the organizational level. You should therefore strive to have only the team representing the organization appear as a group in the left column.

If you have multiple team groups appear, it might be an indication that the impact of those objectives on  higher level objectives are poorly understood, or worse yet, that the objective is not designed to impact a higher level objective (in which case it should probably be abandoned).

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