Eirik Johansen

Organisational values, when done right, guide everything you do at work.

They describe the core ethics or principles which the company will abide by, no matter what. They inspire employees’ best efforts and also constrain their actions.

Strong, clearly-articulated values should be a true reflection of your organisation’s aspirations for appropriate workplace behaviour, and play an important role in building a positive culture in your organisation.

Well-drafted and current organisational values:

  • Guide staff behaviour, as well as strategic and operational decisions
  • Provide a solid foundation for your policies, and “fill the gaps” where policies are silent
  • Over time, improve the organisation’s ethical character as expressed in its operations and culture
  • Demonstrate integrity and accountability to external stakeholders
  • Set the organisation apart from its competitors
  • Reduce risk of inappropriate behaviour
  • Strengthen the employment value proposition

Every organisation preferences some values over others. If you are unfamiliar with values as a concept, check out this article for a list of value examples, and this article which discusses the dangers of half-assing a values initiative.

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