As leaders and managers, one of our key responsibilities is to get the best out of our people.

In order to to so, we need to provide them with the training, priorities, and support they need in order to grow and excel in their roles and deliver their best work.

However, executing on this responsibility can pose a lot of challenges:

  • We're all busy, which can make it difficult for team members and leaders to be able to sync up and prioritize support efforts at the same time
  • Reflecting on, identifying and addressing development potential and support needs on the spot can be difficult
  • Some people require a lot of assistance while others prefer to be left alone, but everyone benefits from high-quality guidance and support

In order to make it easier to follow up with the people who report to you, the platform provides the My team support view. The goal of this view is to help you answer the question "How can I best support you?" for each of your individual team members.

You can reach the My team view by clicking the Wecomplish logo, and selecting Support Others > My team in the left column.

Support card

For each person in your team, you can find a card containing information on how to support them. Here's an example of what a card might look like:

Skjermbilde 2022-03-20 kl. 07.11.26.png

The card is divided into three main sections relevant for reflecting on how to best support that person:


What to expect/look for:

  • Awareness is at or close to 100%, or steadily growing (during onboarding)
  • Familiarity has been updated within the last week (click the "Familiarity" header to explore familiarity development over time)

How to act:

  • If awareness is <100% and there have been several weeks since the last familiarity update, consider clicking the "Request missing familiarity" button.


What to expect/look for:

  • The person has something to focus on
  • The person is not focused on too many things
  • The things the person is focused on reflects what you expect them to be focusing on (click the "Focus" header to explore individual focus items)


What to expect/look for:

  • The person has one or more mentors to which they can turn for guidance
  • The person is mentoring one or more people in something they are great at
  • The person is getting the assistance they have requested
  • The person masters the skillsets required by their roles

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