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The organizational overview provides transparency into how an organization operates by starting with a birds-eye overview of the organization.

From here you can use the platform to explore and explain the organization via different organizational perspectives in order to better understand, improve and contribute to it.

The overview consists of three primary sections:

  1. Where we are going
  2. Our core values
  3. Organizational perspectives


Where we are going

This section describes the direction of the organization. It is broken down into the organization's

  • Purpose
  • Mission
  • Vision

If these directional concepts are unfamiliar to you, you can read more about them and how they differ in the Organizational identity skillset.

Our core values

Core values, when done right, guide everything you do at work.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of values, you can read more about it in the Values-documentation.

Organizational perspectives

Organizational perspectives are the different ways in which we can examine the organization. Which perspective makes sense to use at any given time depends on what you're trying to uncover or explain.

People responsible for ensuring a healthy and resilient organization should take care to regulary cycle through the different perspectives in order to ensure that they are properly adhered to.

Read more about Organizational perspectives.

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